***** 'I read the whole book in one go - just could not put it down! If you like the Hobbit or the earlier Harry Potter books you will love this. It is full of weird and wonderful creatures - incredibly imaginative. This is the third book I've read by this author - all are completely different and all are cracking reads.'

**** 'Best MG/YA I've read in a long time'
'I am mightily tempted to allot the fifth star to this book, but I'll restrain myself. Where is that 3/4th star?

Terry Pratchett has a potential successor in Pamela Kelt. She never misses a great pun, her characters are as wacky as Pratchett's odd assortment on Discworld, and she writes very well too boot. Her British take on language makes it even more of a treat for those of us from the Colonies.

Well done, Pamela Kelt. You've got a winner here.

***** An adventure story full of twists and turns with a strong hero, evil bad guys and a solid, yet subtle ecological message. Checks all the boxes for the younger reader. And the cover is just awesome.

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