Epic quiz

What is the technical term for the ‘curtain’ effect in the northern lights?
a. Aurora australis
b. Striations
c. Multifolds
d. Coronaplex

What language is this (pictured below)?
a. Karelian
b. Elvish
c. Icelandic
d. Russian

What is Ragnarök?
a. A feasting hall
b. Death of the gods
c. Hell
d. Heaven

What is the technical term for the letter ø?
a. Diagonal o
b. O bar
c. Viking o
d. Miniscule

What is Yggdrasil?
a. Battle between the gods
b. An Ice Giant
c. A frost maiden
d. A sacred tree

How many volcanic mountains are there in Iceland?
a. About 13
b. About 130
c. About 1300
d. About 13,000

Where else, apart from Earth, do you find glaciers?
a. Mars
b. Venus
c. Mercury
d. Halley’s Comet

Who made the earliest icebreaker ships?
a. Russians
b. Inuit
c. Canadians
d. Norwegians

In Ice Trekker, the Grells are a humanoid form descended from dogs (mongrels). Annually in Alaska, mushers and dog teams flock to the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race. How long is the trek give or take a few miles?
a. ca 100 miles
b. ca 500 miles
c. ca 1000 miles
d. ca 1500 miles

On board the Ice Trekker, the crew teases Midge about Spinos. What species was a skeleton found in Svalbard recently, nicknamed Predator X before it was identified?
a. Pliosaurus
b. Kronosaurus
c. Spinoneurodon
d. Gargantuaplata

That's it! Before you check the answers (see the next tab on the home page), here’s an excerpt from the book. The crew is chasing the rival ship, but something is looming in the deep waters below. 
Shipmate Kala is trying to prevent from being flung overboard:

“Stand still and hang on.”

A few feet away, a giant pointed fin punctured the surface, and then another, and another. A silver spiked tail, the size of a main sail flicked the hull. A horrible tapering head lurched right out of the water, and monstrous jaws, lined with rows of dandelion yellow teeth, snapped at the air. Pairs of treacly black eyes glared right at him as scores of horrible sea creatures powered toward them, mouths open.

“Spinos,” cried Kala. “Hold tight.”

Midge gaped at bristling spines and vicious fangs writhing in the water, each fang almost as long as the Ice Trekker itself.

“Spinos?” he shouted, wondering if these monsters had eaten his pa, which is why he’d never come back. 

“What are they?”

“Spiny Pernicious Inter-Noculated Obsidian-Crested Extra-Rhinocerated Serpents.” As she spoke, she lashed down the water barrels with expert hands.



“No, I still don’t...”

Sea lizards, you idiot,” bellowed Kala over the rushing noise of water churning with feverish activity. 

“They’re scavengers. They go mad for scraps. The Minax did this on purpose to bring them to the surface! They’ll eat anything. Oh-oh.”

By Pamela Kelt

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